Support The Menu Pile

Support The Menu Pile

Like us? Help us?

I run The Menu Pile website, as free service, to people across the UK.

Businesses are having their takeaway menu hosted for free, and the public get to see them, for free.

Running Costs

I have costs for running the website, and in the past, they got a little out of control, which is why I had to shut it down and re-assess.

Now, monthly costs are fairly constant and I'm happy to keep funding this, as it helps so many people across the UK find a takeaway menu.

Can you help?

Entirely up to you - I'm not asking for donations, but I have been asked by people as to how they can donate a few quid to help keep me motivated to keep going.

I've been asked if I'd consider a 'supporters page', with a small link/advert for those that have helped. (Work in progress)

But if paying for a banner advert on the Search screen helps make things easier for you, I'm good with that, too.


Send me an email, to [email protected] and I'll get back to you asap.

A few of the food genres on offer at many of the UK's takeaway restaurants.