Privacy Policy

Updated: 17th September 2020

Summary (Short Version)
  1. We use third-party services to make enhance your experience of The Menu Pile.
  2. We store enough information to provide you with Takeaway search results.
  3. When you create a user account, we store details of what you've done to help you next time, as well as to process login requests.
  4. The Menu Pile will not sell your data to third party companies without your prior permission.

What information we collect and why

Third-Party: Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to help us monitor the way that our visitors use our website. This not only give us usage statistics to help us see which parts of the website are used more (or less) than others, but it also shows us how many people are using the website at the same time. This is to help us gauge whether we need more (or less) servers to ensure that the demand on our website doesn't begin to impact the quality of service that we'd like to offer you.

Third-Party: Cloud Flare
Our use of Cloud Flare helps us massively to reduce the number of times that you, as a user, call to our back-end database when looking for a takeaway's details - Cloud Flare temporarily save (aka 'cache') our results for a short period of time, meaning that if you, or anyone else, requests the same data that's in the cache area, then the database doesn't need to be called. As we pay for the amounts of data in and out of the database, this reduces our costs. Cloud Flare need to use cookies to do this.

Our records
Our database stores data about your search results - we track the following details:

  • The number of times a menu has been viewed - this is useful information to feedback to the restaurant owners.
  • Which menus you've viewed, so we can prioritise them for you next time.
  • Your email address and name - this is so that we can get in touch regarding the website, including password reset functionality, etc.
  • Your post code, so that we can speed-up your search results, based on your general area.

Incidentally, the post code stored provides us with an approximate location for you - your post code is shared with others on the same road/street, so we don't have (or want!) enough data to pin-point your location.

What we do with the data

In compliance with the GDPR rules, we only ask for the data from you that we actually need, and remove any that we've collected but no longer need.

We analyse the data collected only to better serve our visitors and customers - we do not sell or trade your data with anyone outside of The Menu Pile.

Protection of your data

Everything that we've done in making The Menu Pile website has been to protect your data as best as we can. The data is encrypted (at rest) in the database, and accessed by the small team at The Menu Pile team, as well as queried by The Menu Pile website.

Whilst we are not data security experts ourselves, we are IT professionals and have done as much as possible to protect the data, according to our training and industry best practices.

On-going commitment

This Privacy page will be updated as often as needed in the future, to help better explain the privacy and data collection processes at The Menu Pile.